Tri-Axle Hybrid

FRAME: Web: Strenx® high tensile steel Flange: Strenx® high tensile steel
PAINT Fully sandblasted, polyurethane primed & polyurethane painted with Dupont™ Imron® paint
SUSPENSION IMT (30,000 lbs.) air suspension; higher weight capacity per axle & large more stable airbags
BOX FLOOR & GATE: Hardox 450; Maximize durability & dent resistance
TIRES: 16 Ply Off Road
HARDOX® 450 FLOOR STANDARD No crossmembers underneath the box, with solid seam welds, (superior clean out, no floor wash boarding & improved durability)

Toughness and reliability are built into every detail of the Neustar Triaxle Hybrid trailer. Standard features include a higher-load suspension, the toughest frame and wall materials, and exceptionally durable Hardox Wear Parts that increase service life and reduce maintenance costs. Neustar trailers are 5X more durable and 10% lighter than the competitors’. Increase your payload and expand your hauling capabilities with the Triaxle Hybrid end dump trailer.

Features & benefits

Hardox® In My Body Certified

The Triaxle Hybrid trailer is Hardox® In My Body certified. That is your assurance that we built it to the highest standards, giving you unsurpassed performance and durability. Hardox® is 5X as strong as mild steel, and much lighter. It can double the life of your equipment and increase your payload capacity and fuel efficiency.

All Features & Options

The Toughest Frame

The Triaxle frame web and flanges are built with Strenx® high tensile steel. Strenx® is lighter and twice as strong as commonly used structural steel. Reduce the trailer’s weight while increasing performance.

All Features & Options

Superior Suspension

Our Triaxle Hybrid comes standard with IMT air ride suspension that feature larger and more stable airbags. Their 30,000 lb weight capacity per axle increases your payload by 20% over the competition.

All Features & Options

Mailhot 265 Hoist

The Triaxle Hybrid is equipped with a Mailhot 265 Hoist. Made with 50% fewer components, and with a higher lifting capacity and faster cycle time, it features improved reliability and performance.

All Features & Options

All features & options

All Features


  • 48″ side walls, Hardox® (Single Wall)
  • 64″ front wall 3/16″ Hardox® 450 steel
  • 54″ tailgate 3×4 tubular construction Hardox® 450
  • 3/16″ Hardox® 450
  • Drivers side mounted steps
  • 6″ painted sideboards


  • Web: Strenx® high tensile steel
  • Flange: Strenx® high tensile steel
  • Extendable pin style landing gear
  • Coupler plate 3/8″
  • Option: 2 speed crank down landing gear


  • External Mailhot 265


  • Michel’s mesh retractable with hydra chain drive


  • Polished aluminum front fender
  • Mudflaps: 30″ NeuStar with aluminum


  • IMT (30,000 lbs), air ride
  • Stemco seals
  • 16 1/2″ x 7″ P20-20 linings with dust shields
  • 30-30 Spring brake
  • Haldex ABS braking system
  • Auto slacks
  • Air system per CMVSS


  • 10-stud cast unimount hub & drum long stud
  • 22.5-10 hole steel unimount – powder coated white
  • 11 R 22.5 tubeless 16 ply radials


  • Fully sandblasted steel
  • Polyurethane primer & paint – Dupont
  • DOT reflective tape
  • LED lights & sealed Phillips wire harness


  • Approximate weight: +/- 17,800 lbs
  • Approximate capacity: +/- 38 cubic Yards

All Options


  • 1/4″ Hardox® 450
  • Various Sidewall heights
  • Front mounted aluminum ladder
  • Paint color change box & frame
  • Extra Amber LED Side Lighting
  • Steel extensions (replaces wood boards)
  • 9″ base hoist
  • Box vibrators


  • High lift gate Air or Hydraulic
  • Combination Top hinge & Side Swing gate
  • Center chute
  • Sealed tailgate (C with 4 tailgate locks)


  • TriDrive configurations
  • Double or single life axle (front or rear – fully automatic)


  • 24.5″ tires
  • Aluminum rim package (outside polished, inside machined)


  • Electric tarp
  • Asphalt tarp (Solid)
  • Aluminum flip (mesh or Solid)


Level up to Hardox

Hardox In My Body® represents first-rate equipment that delivers unsurpassed performance. So, when you see the Hardox® In My Body sign you can be sure you’re getting a superior product manufactured using Hardox® wear plate by a qualified program member.

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