Grain Box

Experience the quality and reliability of the durable Neustar Grain Box. Standard features include solid-seam welded walls with a one-piece floor with no cross members for enhanced cleanout, premium polyurethane primer and paint for corrosion resistance, and a top-of-the-line Nordic underbody or telescopic hoist. You can choose to have our team professionally install the Neustar Grain Box on your truck for optimum fit and performance.

Features & benefits

Solid Seam Welds

The inside and sills of the Neustar grain box are solid-seam welded to the one-piece floor. This creates a stronger, smoother surface that not only increases performance and longevity but also makes for an effortless cleanout.

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Neustar Grain Box

Top Quality Finish

Neustar Grain Boxes are first sandblasted, then primed and top coated with Dupont polyurethane giving a durable surface that is resistant to chemicals, weather, humidity, and abrasions. With our attention to every detail, you get a grain box that delivers superior quality and superior looks.

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Red Grain Box Detail

Nordic 2627 Underbody or Telescopic Hoist

Nordic hoists are crafted from high-quality materials, ensuring strength and durability. With their impressive lifting capacity, they provide years of reliable service.

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Red Grain Box

The Ideal Tarp

We’ve got you covered with a Michel’s Industries Select Roll Tarp. Designed to keep your grain dry and free of dust and debris this tarp ensures the highest level of protection under all weather conditions.

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Red Grain Box Detail

All features & options

All Features


  • Length 20′
  • 64″ side walls 12 gauge
  • 64″ front walls 12 gauge
  • 64″ three piece tailgate with 20″ chute
  • 3/16″ floor (smooth under – no cross members)
  • Rear drivers side ladder
  • Inside step
  • Single rear controller
  • Front wall look through glass
  • 1 colour box decal


Sandblasted, polyurethane-primed, and painted with Axalta Imron Elite paint


Standard 3 line wet kit with pressure adjustment valve



Solid seam welding (inside box & on sills) vs. stitch welds


High count LED with sealed harness


Same day repair


Top quality fit & finish


Nordic 2627 underbody


Michel’s select roll tarp – white


30″ NeuStar mudflaps with front anti-sail bracket

All Options


  • Length: 16′ to 24′
  • Sidewall heights: 58″, 68″, 70″
  • Silage set up: 96″ to 102″ tapered box & hydraulic high lift gate
  • Center chute
  • 3/16 AR400 floor
  • Electric tarp
  • 20 ton standard pintle with square receiver – plate only

  • Inside box lights
  • Amber marker lights
  • 20 ton standard pintle with electrical & air
  • 50 ton air pintle – plate only
  • 50 ton air pintle with electrical, air & hydraulics
  • Michel’s remote for chute, hoist, & tarp
  • Frame lengthen & shorten

Neustar Grain Box


Level up to Hardox

Hardox In My Body® represents first-rate equipment that delivers unsurpassed performance. So, when you see the Hardox® In My Body sign you can be sure you’re getting a superior product manufactured using Hardox® wear plate by a qualified program member.

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